Garment Creations


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We print it and you press it!   Use this for shirts, socks, sleeves, any item that you can sublimation.   

  • We will allow for gang sheets - multiple images to be printed on one sheet as long as they fit within the print area limitation.

Note: this is for sublimation transfer prints only on sublimation paper!  It does not include blanks of any kind. 
Sublimation transfers can be heat pressed onto polyester material only. White polyester for best results.  

*Lead time for transfers is 3-5 business days.  

*What you see on screen will be close to what you get. But results may vary and every sublimation printer is bit different.  Also our printers do not print white or gradients to white. So be sure if you have areas in the file that need to be white it is a pure white, with zero color, otherwise it can end up with a yellowish/greenish finish in those areas. 

Heat press settings:  400 degrees and 35-60 seconds (usually does the trick. Adjust time where necessary depending on the substrate). 

Transfer sheets will ship flat or rolled up in an envelope or box.