Rest In Peace All Over Print Templates

Rest In Peace All Over Print Templates

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This is a Template for Photoshop But can be opened in Affinity Designer!

You can modify everything very easy and quick. Changing the color style, picture, typo is no problem. It is well-assorted in folders and layers.


- Fully Layered PSD files
- Fully Customizable and Editable
- CMYK Setting
- 300 DPI High Resolution
- Print Ready Format
- The design Include bleeds, trims and guidelines print ready!
- Size in Inches: Design sized on  Large T-shirt 

Font Used: Are from

Big Noodle Titling

Devil Breeze



Files Included:

- 1 PSD file
- 1 Readme text file

Model not included

Thanks and Enjoy!

I wish you success!


1. To change text and text color: Double click the thumbnail on the layer to
highlight the text you want to change and begin typing the new info and/or select
a color from the color chart to change the color.

2. To change the style (gradients, patterns, drop shadows, color, etc.):
Double click on the  on the layer of the object you want to modify and make the
necessary changes by adjusting the selected style on the left of the menu.
You then can change to your liking by modifying the options for that particular style.

3. To move an object, simply use the selection tool and click on the object
you want to move.

4. To hide or show an object, simply click on the to the left of the layer.

5. To modify an adjustment layer style: Double click on the thumbnail and use
sliders to change to your liking.